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schtef [userpic]


April 8th, 2007 (01:37 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: contemplative
current song: The Audrey's

I've avoided posting after I broke up because I didn't want it to be full of whiny angst. Anyway, I think it's been long enough to give my brain some space.

Some things:

1. I like having my friends around me but I should be doing way more thesis and so it's an emotional health vs. stress point.
2. Am I only looking at a job offshore because I'm trying to isolate myself am much as possible? I do need to be alone and I also do tend to take things to extremes. It's a pretty big extreme.
3. I think I've become un-religious. I realised this when it was Easter and I had no desire to go to church. I still consider myself a Catholic, my priorities have just changed that's all.
4. Ergh, boys. I never realised how fucked up they come. I guess I just want to be left alone and when I don't, they do. Probably a good thing.
5. I rediscovered books. Everything from Mills and Boone (brilliant way to make yourself feel better) to literary novels.
6. God, I'm so glad Jacqui's back. She makes me feel like everything's in balance even when we talk crazy :)
7. God, I love my friends, all of them. They're so freaking good when stuff is bad and it took me this long to realise it.
8. Listening to meloncholy music only makes you feel worse if you're feeling lonely, no matter how beautiful it may be. Still, The Audrey's come highly recommended and full of pretty.

That is all.

schtef [userpic]

Refreshingly sweaty

February 13th, 2007 (11:32 pm)

current location: Dancing round the lounge-room!
current mood: working
current song: Sonic Animation - Love Puppet

I needed the smiley that spun in circles :)

I think I've finally found myself a sport I enjoy! So it's not exactly a sport and ususally involves being mostly naked but I don't care. It's a good workout and leaves you feeling sexy and sweaty. (So how could it be bad?)

I do pole dancing classes at SheMoves with a friend and it's good fun and gets me healthy-moving. I also took a one off lapdancing class which was also great. I'm not planning on becoming an exotic dancer - the lap dance is Dan's valentine's day present. That way I spend money on a fun workout and he gets to tell his friends about it!

We also visited Exotica on a class trip and I have a new respect for exotic dancers (stupid, eh?) What they do is damn difficult (I can lay testament to that!) and in the last few weeks I have bruises (current 2 matching ones on the inside calf of each leg) blisters on my palms and heels of my feet. Hell, I'd even consider being one if I didn't have to do it nude...

Telling the world about it is so liberating!

Oh, and happy valentine's day everybody (am getting in early!)

schtef [userpic]


January 29th, 2007 (10:02 am)

current location: Thank God I'm at work
current mood: cranky
current song: PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke - This mess we're in

I've had the pissiest Australia Day weekend ever. Probably worse than the guy whose barge carrying fireworks caught on fire :) At least he could go home for some peace and quiet afterwards...

It's been SO unbelievably crap. I've had amazingly distant relatives from Malaysia visit me and stay with me. Only found out about them coming on Tuesday and so spent the rest of the week cleaning before picking them up on Australia Day. I missed the top 5 in Triple J's hottest 100 countdown, drinking, swimming, friends and fireworks. I spent it stone-cold sober, waiting at the airport for relatives and then trekking in 40 degree heat to see fireworks with the rellies, none of which whose names I actually knew. BOO!

So they've invaded my house, my life, and my room. (I'm staying in the spare so old people can have the queen-sized bed). My 'cousin' (not a direct relation, I'd only met her a few times) is boarding at MLC and so now, apparently at 22 I'm her legal guardian and she has to spend her holidays staying at my house. Being her guardian is all well and good, but I'm about to move in with 2 boys and she won't have her own room and so will have to stay in mine. I don't think so. Her parents were like “I don’t mind if she stays in a house with boys, they’re good boys” (they met on Aus day) but what if the boys mind? I mind! I don't mind helping out if something goes wrong but I'm not being her mother for her. I've only just met her and I'm only fucking 22.

These people/relatives are interrupting my life as it is and I spent the entire weekend babysitting them and being their taxi driver. It's been stiflingly hot and I can't go anywhere to swim and get cool as I have 3 'kids' to take care of. And none of them can swim.

I may have gotten hysterically upset, called up my mother for the first time since December and gone a little female-psycho at her with some screaming and yelling through my mobile. It managed to fix things a little. I then may have gone to Dan's house, demand he come back from the pub to let me into his house so I can sleep and then woken up in the middle of the night, deciding I was going to be angry at him and get very angry. Luckily, I woke up the next morning much calmed down, and all was good and he cheered me up, which is his job :)

Anyway, now this girl is sick (she has shingles?!?) and has to stay in my house for another week (instead of at boarding school) with her mother (who were supposed to leave Wednesday). I'd rather be at work then at home... Seriously, I'm sick of not having my own space. I'd go stay at Dan's house but I can't just 'abandon' them as technically I'm related to them and I'm Chinese and that's not how we do things. God, I wish it was.

schtef [userpic]

I did bad

January 16th, 2007 (01:54 pm)

current mood: guilty
current song: The Mountain Goats - Dinu Lipatti's Bones

You know when sometimes you're so excited you don't think about what you're saying/doing? Or you adore somebody and haven't seen them in a while and so when you do everything comes pouring out?

I hate it when I do that.

schtef [userpic]

Feeling fragile

January 2nd, 2007 (01:00 pm)

Partied hard on New Years Eve and 2 days later I'm still feeling it. Went and saw Pendulum and they blew my mind. Or rather my mind was so blown that when I was asked a specific question about their show all I remember is a blurry haze. That's good right?

Forgotten how to insert urls: http://www.last.fm/user/schtef/journal/2007/01/2/303978/

I think that the next few weeks should contain less partying and more working. I'm sitting here surfing the internet as I'm frazzled and don't seem to be able to concentrate. Also it seems that when I was listening to chillout earlier, if something dark came on (think massive attack styles) I seemed to freak out. Rather then explore this phenomenon I decided to change tracks.

At least I got to bust some moves and dance the night away. Nothing like a fun dress and a seedy club to boost your ego!

schtef [userpic]


August 25th, 2006 (12:38 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: Ben Folds

I went grocery shopping this morning and I decicided to try and be healthy and so I bought some v8 vegtable juice. I don't care if it has 3 serves of vegetable in 250mL, it tastes like arse. Like drinking a tomato (which is obviously my opinion of arse). I'm tempted to add some to a pasta sauce and see what it's like...

Went and saw Ben Folds with WASO on Wednesday night. He was good. kaetikins was there as well, I seem to see her at almost all of my concert outings. Commented on it here.

P.S. Can I just say adding links to livejournal is a pain in the proverbial behind.

schtef [userpic]

awkward, awkward, awkward

August 18th, 2006 (11:59 am)

current location: In happy pants
current mood: busy
current song: M.I.A - 10 Dollar

I have the distinct feeling my parents forgot my birthday (which was yesterday). I got a message from my Dad today while he was on the way to the airport. I thought they'd already flown out and that was why they hadn't contacted me. But no, they fly out for China today.


In other news I had a lovely birthday night after a horrid assignment-based birthday day. Walk the line is a good movie and spaghetti marinara is the bomb. Especially when combined with the good bottle of wine - the one you save for the special/"I feel way crap" occasion.

Oh, and thanks to friends who remembered - very special-feeling-making :)

schtef [userpic]

Succumbing to the powers that be.

August 8th, 2006 (12:37 am)
current location: Under a doona in my study
current song: Portisehead - Glory Box

Right well that's obviously a lie. I succumb to nobody and no-one - or something.

No, I signed up on a whim and a fancy (and because listening to ridiculous amounts portisehead and lamb late at night makes me all contemplative and melancholy).

Really I should go to bed, really I'm just going to play tetris until I fall asleep and this crappy "I cough like a pack-a-day-smoker" flu will linger onwards and upwards. Especially as:

Wednesday = The Strokes
Thursday = Timezone and Karaoke with SPE
Friday = Solid Gold Ball
Saturday = Beth's birthday

I'm thinking sleep may be > Beth's birthday.

My boyfriend is the only man who has to resort to a pair of pliers to open can of soup. Brilliant!

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